October 15, 2019

life resumes after fall break and the start of some psychology and early childhood discussions

The kids went back to school today after over two weeks off for fall break. I love this modified year round schedule. I love having my kids around and all of the adventures we have during these breaks. But I, also, love when school starts up again and we can resume a daily routine and I can catch up on things that get pushed to the side.

We are still surrounded by camping gear and laundry from the last few days of break. Vacations are a lot of work. Yet totally worth it.

Tonight at the dinner table I held part two of a series of human and early childhood development and psychology that I am teaching my kids. When I was getting my degree in early childhood education my favorite classes were childhood development and educational psychology. I had a thought last week that it would be fun to teach my children about something that I love and I find fascinating. What an advantage to them to learn some of these things early on in life. So I taught my family home evening lesson last night about Maslow and his theory about the Heirarchy of Needs. 

Then tonight we started our discussion of Eric Erikson’s stages of social/emotional development.

We talked about these theories and how we see them in ourselves and others, especially noting where our little Brinna is in her development. I am so excited to continue our discussions and introduce them to Vygotsky and Piaget and other aspects of childhood development!
Eric said...

I love to see you teach our kids! You have so much knowledge and experiences to share with them. This was a great idea and I have enjoyed learning this stuff too.