September 20, 2019

these days

I"ve been waking up before my alarm clock even goes off at 5:45am. (It's amazing how our bodies adjust and recognize those patterns.) I've never been a morning person, but lately I've enjoyed that little bit of quiet time to prepare for the day ahead. (And then I look forward to my 10 minute nap after lunch that I take most days.) E and I take turns taking the boys to school at 6:10am. On thrift store spirit day, I took a quick picture to remember this wild shirt that Kacin found at the thrift store.

Kyler's choice of shirt that day, "got meat?," wasn't much different than what he usually wears on his wack shirt wednesdays. Every Wednesday is thrift store day for Kyler. haha

Perry asked me to take this picture to send to Eric. Somehow the wooden swords that I thought I had put way up high were taken down and he and Kyler started a sword fight in the kitchen after dinner. Which led to a splinter in his hand. And a lot of tweezer work by me and Kyler to get that sucker out. He was in pain, but he was oh so brave about it. I think it helped that Kyler was right there with him patiently encouraging him and helping him and confidently digging into his hand to get the splinter out. Big brothers are amazing like that.

My fears of the instant pot have been validated.

Whenever Layla finds a balloon she goes to our sand box to make a "squishy." She fills the balloon with sand. Kacin tried to use her last one as a stress ball during his math homework, but because she had experimented with putting air with the sand into the balloon, and because of Kacin's unnatural strength (or anger towards his math homework), it exploded on him.

We spotted a beautiful rainbow one afternoon. To see it in person was incredible. Layla took my phone to the corner of our street to take some pictures. Because what a lovely world we live in!