September 25, 2019

poof went the hair

One Saturday night, we gathered in my bathroom for a little hair styling.

Layla was a big fan of the hairdryer (sarcasm).

Crazy eyed Kyler couldn't get Layla to relax about it.

So Layla became my stylist instead while Brinna got her turn with the hair dryer.

Poof went my hair. Thank you, Layla!

This is what happens when you brush out chemo curls.

So then it was my turn to work on Kyler's hair. A little hair spray and some heat from a straightener and he got a little poof, too.

He loved my work so much that he went to the stake dance like that. I'm not kidding either.

I didn't get to go out to show off my poof, but I found this dress in the closet with sleeves to match the poof.

Layla used like ten rubber bands to do one final style on me for the night.

Having hair is just so much fun.