September 3, 2019

Pajama Night

Kyler was having some friends over to swim one night so Layla asked if she could have a late night with a friend. The plans were arranged for two sisters to come over. I came into the kitchen a little while later to this "Pajama Night" set up.

She finds such joy in organizing and planning. Eric walked by and said she is totally my daughter. So true! We are a lot alike.

Did you notice the flashlight taped up above the balloons? E and I were not even sure what her plan was for that. But when the girls built a blanket fort under the table even the flashlight came in handy to tell stories with.

Let's look closely at her labels. She made good use of the tape to get those to stay.

Her friends came over from 6:30-9pm. Around 8pm, Layla came quietly over to me and asked if she could go to sleep. Then she told me next time she is only have a late night until 8pm because she gets tired. Haha.