September 9, 2019

Natural Bridge

It was time for another family adventure.

Kyler drove us to Payson. Which could've been adventure enough... ;)
Nah, he's actually a pretty good driver. He had some learning moments, but he handled driving the mountainous roads that long distance quite well. We are trying to give him all the experience we can before he gets his license in a few months.

We joined the masses and paid a visit to Natural Bridge.

A huge shout out to Kacin who was the best help on this hike! Seriously. He took Layla as his buddy and took good care of her. And with Brinna Lou on my back when I needed an extra hand climbing up or down a rock he was super courteous and conscientious of that.

Isn't it funny how the same great kid could then read the no climbing sign at the cave and then proceed to climb the cave... haha. Love him all the same.

Getting to the caves was pretty motivating for Perry. He was excited to explore.

Natural Bridge is a wonder! Such a beautiful place.

Brinn's new "cheese" face.

The place was crawling with people. But we braved the steepest narrowest passage (which was a questionable decision a few times, what with a little one on my back and a Perry who relies on other people for a lot of his climbing) and the slipperiest rocks to get as far into the bridge as we could go.

I'm so glad we did it! It feels good to push ourselves and experience as much as we can. Some of us had to push ourselves by being brave and stretching the limits of our arms, legs, and balance to climb while some of us had to push ourselves by slowing down and reigning it in and showing patience and caring for those of us who needed a little bit more time and help. Families stretch us each in different ways.

I love all of the varying personalities in this family of mine!

Oh, this girl! She did great hiking on my back, but loved the chance she got to get out on the rocks.

By the time we headed back up, the crowds were gone and a storm was rolling in. The wind was blowing and we saw brilliant lightening in the distance.
It was a perfect ending to our adventure.