September 5, 2019

Legoland 2

When we went to Legoland earlier this year we bought a two day pass. Last week we went back to california to use that second day.

I wish I could say that we are really good at this road trip thing since we have done it so much, but the truth is we forget something different every time. Some things we've got down pat, some things we keep winging it--which is a bit of just what happens with small kids.

Who's that cool girl in the backseat?

We saw this incredible orange glowing sunset as we drove. Probably from pollution or something, but it was pretty spectacular.

We settled into our hotel right at bedtime and got everyone to sleep. The next day we were off to Legoland in our swimsuits to check out the waterpark as well as the main theme park.

The crowds were nonexistent. We hardly even needed to use Perry's disability pass and got on all the fun rides pretty quick.

Thank you, Layla, for helping your sister look at the camera. Sisterly force.

E and I traded off with Brinns on most of the rides. There are really only a couple of rides that a 32 inch little girl can go on at Legoland.

The waterpark was fun, but half of it was closed so that was disappointing. And it was around this time that Perry had a meltdown so getting him to do any of the slides was difficult. But once the lazy river was opened we went around 3 or 4 times and everyone loved that!

It was so cute watching Perry shake this guy's hand.

Layla was pretty excited to drive this car

While Perry drove the boat. This the one ride that Perry remembered from last time and requested to ride this time.

The ninjago ride!

And the last ride of the day.

The faces of five great men.

We had time to go through Sea Life aquarium before it closed.

Brinns sang baby shark for us over and over again.

Such a pretty sky on our walk back to the hotel!

I'm glad we got to experience Legoland, but my vote is that our next amusement park as a family should be Disneyland.