September 6, 2019

hot sun, red cheeks, huge grins

“To live is so startling, it leaves but little room for other occupations.” —Emily Dickinson 

Playing at the park—those red cheeks, but huge grins!

Brinna and Perry—those two are the epitome of innocence and childhood joy and wonder.  

They remind me that each moment is a gift and such happiness and pleasure can be found in the smallest of adventures.

Brinna’s new thing is to hold my hand as she gets ready to descend the stairs. She moves her feet to the edge and then lets them both slip off and land together on the next step as she laughs and adds her own sound effect, “Buuummp.”

I made banana muffins. Then we let Perry make jello. Oh, Perry’s smile and excitement over those two things! His dreams fulfilled.

Life is so simple and beautiful through their eyes.