September 13, 2019

cross country

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. 
It comes from an indomitable will." 
--Mahatma Gandhi

Kyler is one of my heroes.

Dedication. Strength. Resolve. Power.

He has been getting up in the wee hours of the morning, braving the arizona heat, for the past few months to push his body to its limits and run with his cross country team.

He has been responsible enough to go to bed early, even to turn down chances to hang out with friends, so he could get enough rest in order to do well on his runs. He impresses me.

Cross country is tough stuff. You are pushing yourself to your limits physically and mentally.

He had his first official race. There were so many kids running from over 12 schools. He finished his three miles strong and set a good baseline for himself. We are so excited to see him continue to grow this season.

Classic Kyler pose for the camera face:

So proud of you, Kyler!