August 15, 2019

sweet boy

For every challenging moment, there is an equally beautiful and good moment.

Out of the blue, Perry told me last night, "I really like you, mom."

I got a call from his teacher immediately after school. I for sure thought it would be tell me to come pick him up because he was throwing a fit and they couldn't safely put him on the bus (which is usually the reason for an after school call). Instead, it was praise for his hard work that day. He is managing school and work so much better than last year. The growth is remarkable and the praise was appreciated.

A few weeks ago he earned a ticket in the cafeteria for helping to pick up trash. When you collect so many tickets you get to sit outside to eat with a friend that you choose. When I was talking about that cool reward with him, he said "I get to eat with a friend, but I want to eat with you."

He was mad at dinner because he wanted more chocolate milk and I was only offering orange juice or water. After many many other threats to me, he told me he was going to go get in the pool. I reminded him of the consequences of getting in the pool by himself and left him alone. A few minutes later he came back inside with a brilliant plan to get orange juice in a water bottle and to take his dinner to eat outside in a chair next to the pool. Such a significant step to see him problem-solving a solution to help himself calm down! We chatted for a few minutes while he ate and I did some backyard clean up.

Beautiful moments like these keep us going. I have so much love for this sweet boy.