August 26, 2019

Surfing with Nixon

We had this cool opportunity to attend the Surfing with Nixon event for the first time this year.

The main purpose of the event is for children with autism to have the opportunity to surf. Perry loved his 20 min session on the waves!

They held the event at Big Surf. So nostalgic for me! Considering Big Surf was my first summer job when I was 15. And I don't think it's changed one bit from those summers 20 years ago.

We took everyone out of school for the afternoon and most of the children came with us. Kyler opted to stay home so he could rest up for a big cross country meet that night. So he watched Brinns while the rest of us hit the water park.

Those two had a big wrestling match going on in the pool.

I couldn't even get them to stop when someone offered to take our family picture. Oh well, that is real life with boys.

Perry was excited to meet up with a friend from school there.

And he was happy about all the swag we brought home--t-shirts, tumblers, posters, Hurley and Quicksilver hats, diamondback tickets, etc. and this little stuffed horse.

We had a blast on all of the slides.

This slide here was my second to last slide of the day. And the slide that ripped my swimsuit bottoms. For reals. Yikes!

We are already looking forward to this event for next year!