August 28, 2019


a typical sunday in the Allred home in the year 2019 goes something like this:

7-8:30 wake up and get ready for the day
8:30 leave for church to set up chairs and Kacin helps to prepare the sacrament
9:00-11:00 church meetings
11:00-12:00 home and lunch (usually nachos or leftovers)
12:00-2:30 Brinna naps, Perry watches a "church" show (which just means something like veggie tales), the rest of us nap/read/watch a family movie/play/parent-child one on one meetings

2:30-3:00 family calendaring to go over the upcoming week, family business, then "come follow me" discussion
3:00-4:30 clean up the disaster that is our house and prepare dinner
4:30-7:30 dinner and games, often with another family or two (it was one of my goals to invite people over for sunday dinners this year and we have now had 18 families over so far--I'm not much of a cook but it has been nice to get to know more people)
7:30-8:30 kids ready for bed

there's most often a dance party thrown in there somewhere. because what is a sunday without dancing?

and it is usually the day that my kids have to do multiple pushups and jumping jacks for making rude comments to each other.