August 19, 2019

last week

It doesn't matter how long I spend organizing it, the game closet goes 0-60 straight into an explosion after just a few minutes with one certain child. And if that child has friends over...there is no hope for this closet. haha. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but one day I will open the closet and it won't be quite so disastrous...

I spent a few hours at the ER after a follow up appointment with one of my drs at ironwood. Everything checked out fine! And I tried to make the best of it, by finishing a book I just started. But it wasn't the way I expected to be spending my afternoon.

"No boys allowed except dad" hung on the door when Layla and Perry each had a friend over and Layla was trying to escape from the boys.

Layla and Perry were playing in his room one morning. I went to check on them and discovered this:

"Please help us. We are in Perry's room. We are locked."
They turned the lock and shut the door and got themselves trapped. Oops!

Brinns turned two and she decided to start getting into everything--exercising her curiosity (as my Grandpa Allen used to say). This beautiful forehead is from my eyeliner.

My sister is in town from Japan. It's so fun to have more cousins around! We spent an evening playing, dancing, and swimming together.

Then my love grew exponentially for these teenage boys who joined us. I fed them pizza, they dared me to eat a jalapeno, and then the next thing I know they are letting me teach them "the git up" song dance (the one I taught myself friday night), and then "interpretive dancing" as a group in this line to the song "rainbows" by kacey musgraves.

Too much fun.