August 7, 2019

Brinna Lou is Two

Two year olds are the best!

Especially this one.

She is sweet and playful and loving to everyone. She gives the best hugs and spreads joy everywhere —church, Costco, the gym, she loves on people everywhere we go.

We joke that she is a sympathy crier like Gus (from Psych). If someone is hurt or sad she sits down and cries right along with them. For example, Layla fell down on the stairs and was crying. As I comforted Layla, Brinna came over to see what was going on. Once I explained to Brinns that Layla fell down, Brinn dropped herself down to the ground and said “fall down” and started to cry, too.

She is such a little person now with her own ideas of what she wants and doesn’t want. Especially when it comes to food.

My lovely Lou.

On her birthday, she was my side kick as I made her cake. She was a fan of frosting.

She is the happiest eater when you give her potato chips or fries.

A two year old blowing out birthday candles is probably one of the cutest things of life.

So happy!

She opened up a pile of presents--things like playdoh and orbees and this spinning toy.

I think her favorite gift was "Brinny's slide." She gets thrilled to see it every morning when we go downstairs and spends more time playing here than anywhere.

Oh, Brinny Lou, you are our light. We are all so glad you were born two years ago and you joined our family right away. We love you!!