August 9, 2019

Alexa, do a bad song, like Mr. Freeze

Perry was hopping mad. He did not want to clean up the legos he had dumped out the night before (when he was also hopping mad) before he watched a movie.

So he stood in the kitchen and yelled at our new "friend", Alexa.

P: Alexa, play a bad song!

P: Alexa, do a bad song, like Mr. Freeze.

Alexa: Welcome back to freeze dancers.

P: Alexa, do baby poopy by Apple Music.

Alexa: Dinomyte, dance like a banana.

P: NOOO! Where's the bad song?

P: Alexa, do shut up by apple music.

Alexa: Giddyup! Dance like a princess.

P: Noooo!! Ugh

P: No, that's it. (turns Alexa off)

And then by this time he was mostly calm.

Thank you, Alexa.

Eventually, he did clean up the legos.