July 5, 2019

the fourth week of summer

Summer has just been flying by. Week four marks more than halfway through our summer vacation!

We took another visit to the Arizona science center.

We spent more time in the pool. I feel so grateful that we have a pool—it has been great for every member of our family.

These guys are always up to something new, impressive, impulsive, dangerous, or daring. This is the tamer of the new tricks.

They convinced Eric, too.

I have a guess that Layla took this picture. Another real life snapshot of our family. Dishes that never ever make it into the sink and wild Brinny hair.

Kacin and Layla got creative in the kitchen and made cookies bigger than their heads. Kacin’s broke when he moved it off the baking sheet. Which just meant that there was no guilt in eating it right away.

Some more random pictures from Layla right after we went to the gym. We did that multiple times that week.

These cousins had a sleepover one night.

Jacqui took pictures for Layla’s baptism. (These are just the pictures I took on my phone)

We went to the best performance of the year—the camp challenge talent show! These kids perform from their hearts. It is so much fun to see their dancing and singing. Perry’s group performed to “Baby Shark.”

We caught Perry in a few of the pictures during the slide show.

Perry loves camp challenge so very much!!

The week ended with the beginning of a road trip.