July 15, 2019

the fifth week of summer

Road trip!

We traded the Arizona heat for the heat of Las Vegas. Just for 24 hours though.

We went down to the strip, but quickly regretted our decision. Basically we saw the flamingos at the flamingo hotel and then abandoned all other plans there. Ha! Not the place for us.

We opted instead to hang out at the pool at our hotel.

And then we said goodbye to the older boys and I put them on a plane headed to Washington. They met some friends up there and went to EFY in Tacoma. (they had an amazing experience! More to come on efy)

The next day we took the younger kids on a garden walk at The Springs Preserve. We found some dinosaurs!

We drove out of Las Vegas and made our way to Utah. We spent the rest of the week staying at an Airbnb in south Jordan. Eric worked remotely a few days and we did a lot of resting, playing, reading, and tv watching. It was a vacation in the true sense of the word.

Most mornings I took the three younger kids to thanksgiving point.

She was super unsure about the horse at first, but once it started walking she did just fine.

This little girl was quite happy on her horse the whole time.

We went to visit some of our favorite people. Their family moved away from Arizona and up to Utah so it was so so good to get together again.

Especially to see these boys play together. They were so happy!

We went to the curiously museum twice while we were there. It’s a children’s museum done right.

We also got to see some of Eric’s cousins and their families. I adore them so much and it had been too long. So glad we got to catch up with them. We all loved the new baby. Especially Brinns.

She was also a pacifier thief.

We love them all!

Perry wanted his picture taken with his hat and sunglasses. He went everywhere with those two items all week!

Another morning at the curiosity museum. And then out to lunch. We saw their family on four of the days we were there and would’ve happily spent more time with them if it would’ve worked out.

We also met up with my college roommate and her family. We used to hang out all the time as newly weds, too. It was so wonderful to see them.

These two became best buds and ran all around at the river and the capitol building together.

We celebrated the Fourth of July while in Utah. We forgot to pack a red shirt for Layla so she squished into a dress of Brinna’s as a shirt for the day.

We had such a relaxed 4th celebration. We went on a long walk at the Jordan river trail, ate out, but mostly just played at the house.

Cookie dough treats!

We put B and P to bed on time and Eric took Layla out to watch fireworks. I stayed home, but I still got a beautiful fireworks display in every direction from the back porch. 

We took a long walk around oquirrh mountain lake the next morning. I didn’t get any pictures besides Layla’s selfie, but it was the most picture perfect master planned little community out there. Everything was pristine.

It worked out that we snuck in a double date with Josh and Kt and saw Freaky Friday at Hale theater. It was so good! Kt works there so she hooked us up and gave us a backstage tour of the huge new theater and it was so interesting and amazing!! Such fun.

Our last day in Utah was Layla’s birthday! It was a travel day but we tried to give her the best day. We love this 8 year old more than we can say.

We drove to Vegas to pick the boys up at the airport. And then we were down to just two weeks until summer break comes to an end.