July 30, 2019

back to school 2019

These kids are going to thrive this year. 10th, 9th, 3rd, and 2nd grades.

Kyler backed off on some of his honors classes this year compared to last year to make some room for some fun. He is taking sculpture and drawing/painting in addition to spanish 3, algebra 2, honors english, seminary, and ap chemistry. He is runnig cross country right now and plans to participate in wrestling, track, and a few of the clubs on campus. And he just loved posing for pictures at 6am on the first day of school.

Kacin has a full schedule. I know it will be a bit of a shock when all the homework starts coming in (because this kid has never really had any homework before), but I know he will do well and manage it all just fine. He has wrestling locker, spanish 2, ap world history, honors english, honors geometry, honors biology, and seminary. He is going to join tennis, wrestling, and track. He is so ready for high school!

Perry has a new teacher this year, but the same class room. The new teacher is familiar with the students from her student teaching last year so that will be helpful. He is so excited to be back in school! 

Layla has a really awesome teacher this year for 2nd grade. She is excited to start taking piano lessons this year and join a choir. She started doing her own hair. And she is sooo ready for second grade.

We have new chores around the house and schedules and expectations this school year. I made new charts. :)  For example, Perry is getting himself ready in the morning! We discovered he is motivated by money so he is working hard to be independent to earn a dollar every day that he gets dressed, brushes his teeth, eats, and puts his shoes on by himself. I also prepped him that as soon as he started 3rd grade he has to start doing a house help chore around the house every day after school before his screen time. He protested at first, but I prepped him enough that he gets it and is doing it just fine. Layla is earning her own money this year, too. She has a few more expectations, but she is ready to rise and will do just fine.

We are all excited for another school year and can’t wait to see what 2019-2020 holds for us.