June 2, 2019

These Days

Layla and her friends are back at their sunday ministering. They made cookies and cards and were so excited to deliver them.

Eric and Brinna were playing with my phone during our family sunday "come follow me" lesson.

Beautiful weather inspired us to get outside one evening.

On memorial day, we had seven other families over for swimming, barbecue, and games. I always remember my camera too late to really capture the action, but you can imagine that it was bustling and fun with that many families with kids. And there was one big incident with a baby powder fight upstairs that left our loft covered in a layer of powder, but smelling quite refreshing. I love filling our pool and home up with people.

We watched a friend's daughter one morning. Brinna gave the "baby" a little too much love, but the moments she wasn't hugging (aka strangling her with love) they played side by side quite nicely.

Layla is still collecting bugs in the backyard just about every day.

I was sitting at book club the other night and looked around at these women and my heart just filled up with appreciation and love for them. And for books. I love how reading a variety of books and the discussions we have open my mind and teach me and strengthen me. I especially love that we have a book club with women of all ages and personalities and experiences. These women make me laugh and think.

If I thought we were going to take a selfie I would’ve tamed my hair a little before I went, but nonetheless here we are.

I caught Kyler using my phone as a mirror. Ha! I have so much fun with Kyler. And he is doing well with our driving lessons. He drove on the main road for the first time yesterday. He is the perfect balance of careful and confident. It’s really fun to teach him to drive!

I subscribe to the Writers Almanac which sends an email with a poem a day and interesting today in history and different author tidbits. I loved this quote about the purpose of writing.

I also LOVE the johnsonfiles on Instagram! Their videos make me laugh out loud and are so relatable. I find myself sharing their videos with so many people. The “watch this, mom” are my favorites. Because that is my life. Check them out!

And summer has officially started!! The boys each filled up our pool at different times to celebrate the end of the school year with friends. We are ready for summer!!