June 28, 2019

the third week of summer

The third week of summer was a week in which I took no pictures. 

We did a lot of ordinary things. 

I made the kids fold laundry while we did mom time mostly every day. I am reading to them from the book of virtues each day. And telling them over and over again to stop complaining about having to fold laundry while I read to them. I let them take turns reading some passages, too. So their hands got a break while their mouths and minds were working.

We went to the gym a lot. I tried Zumba and a class called Bang. We got the boys a month membership to our gym so they can join us for the rest of the summer. They lift weights with E and run on the treadmill while I go to classes.

I also finished up a two week boot camp trial with a friend. And I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Perry loved every day of his summer camp. 

Kyler, Kacin, and Layla hung out with friends and swam and hung out with me when their friends were out of town.

I took all the kids (except for Perry who was at camp) to the public pool to enjoy a lazy river, big water slides, and a diving board. Brinna didn’t necessarily love the kid slide we sent her down on, but she enjoyed the rest of the pool.

I went to more appointments. 

We looked at a couple of houses. Beautiful ones. Because we are entertaining the idea of moving onto more land. 

My to do list barely got looked at. 

My parents passed a stack of pictures to me. So we looked at those with huge grins. Grins at my cuteness as a baby and grins out of laughter at my awkward stages. 

It was pretty fun sharing that random assortment of childhood pictures with my kids.

Eric had a new promising opportunity come up at work.

And I went away on a pretty spur of the moment girls trip to California.