June 15, 2019

the first week of summer

The older boys went to AP camp during the first week of summer break. Oh my goodness, I missed them around here. And not just because it meant I had to do dishes by myself. Teenage boys, especially my Kyler and Kacin, have a fun energy about them and the house feels so different without them. But I knew they were off having grand adventures. Adventures that I wish I could have joined them on, but I was glad they got to experience them even if I couldn’t be there to see it. 

I’ll count myself lucky that I got these blurry pictures to document some of what they did. But their week included hiking, slide rock, wake boarding, ropes and zip line course, swimming at NAU, games, devotionals, lots of food, and more.

While the boys were gone, Layla and Brinna and I had a few of our own adventures (Perry is gone during the day at his day camp for kids with special needs). Slightly tamer than what they old boys were off doing— We went to the zoo and the science center, swam in our pool, and read lots of books.

We got to watch them training the alligators!

We also had a stomach bug pass through our family and some friends we had spent some time with. Once Layla was feeling better she made this sign to help cheer the rest of us on as we recovered.