June 21, 2019

in which Brinna says no

Brinns is the most easygoing little one there ever could be. She is usually quite happy to go get in the car or take a nap, but this week she discovered the word “no” and the art of running away and “hiding” if she knows we are looking for her or going to take her some place she doesn’t want to go. Hiding consists of throwing herself face down on a big comfy pillow or climbing under her crib or peeking behind the couch. When she’s going to run she gives you a mischievous smile and then toddles those little legs away at double speed. And her “no” is usually accompanied by a big grin. Recently, when it came time for a nap, she told me no and then demanded over and over again “more Kyler.” She snuggled up into the safety of his arms for a few more minutes. But when I stretched out my arms and requested her, she couldn’t resist that either. I gave her snuggles as we climbed up the stairs and she peacefully accepted her blanket and pacifier and quickly drifted off to sleep in her crib.