June 9, 2019

Family Reunification Day

Being involved in foster care is one of my biggest blessings. I have led such a sheltered and privileged life in so many respects so I’m grateful how being a foster parent has opened my eyes and my mind to the world. Sometimes that means seeing a lot of sadness and pain and horrible things and sometimes it means a lot of hope, resiliency and watching a beautiful fight and seeing the deep strength to overcome. 

Eric and I recently volunteered at a Family Reunification event. 

There were 13 families there who received recognition in overcoming some big challenges and successfully reuniting with their children in 2018.

We were assigned as hosts to a mom and her three kids. We took her around to get a family picture, face painting, balloon animals, and to eat lunch. This mom was shy, but strong. She told me that last May the children’s dad passed away the day before their parental rights were going to be severed. Thankfully the judge gave her a second chance and she was able to work hard and turn her life around and get her three children back. Beauty from ashes. I think she is pretty incredible. It was powerful seeing each family walk up onto that stage and receive a recognition. Many of them took a few minutes to say thank you to many people who supported and encouraged them. Because we all need someone. Sometimes that person was just God. But knowing you have God with you obviously makes a pretty big difference. 

It was such a beautiful experience to see these families honored. I felt blessed to be in their presence.

The next day we found the news article with pictures online from the event. You can see Eric’s back quite nicely. And I am behind him. Our claim to fame right there.

“The family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” (The Family: a Proclamation to the World)