June 7, 2019

down by the river

On the first day of summer we joined some friends at the Verde river.

The boys have joined these friends a few times here at this river, but this was the first time I joined in with the little kids.

Brinny did just fine in the cold water and once Perry accepted the life jacket he was golden, too. 

Brinna makes this cute little face a lot—right before she breaks out into a huge grin. And I was happy I captured Layla’s genuine smile. L loves being a big sister!

There was a good group of older boys that spent a lot of time jumping in the river and exploring upstream and floating back down.

Kyler and Ben were pretty amazing big brothers (Ben is around enough he’s like a big brother) and took Layla and Perry on rides down the river.

There was plenty of yummy snacks for B.

It always cracks me up when she mimics my actions. I was squatting down to take their picture. So she did, too.

While there were plenty of friends her age, Layla gravitated towards these sweet big girls. They are just lovely, kind girls so I understand why. So kind of them to include her.

Brinny loved spending time with one of her second mom’s (yeah, there are a lot of my friends from the ward who she loves and goes right to) and her little friend, Alexis.

And this is when I had to yell to Kyler that, as kind as it was, no he could not jump with Perry in his arms.

The moms! 

Sweet teenagers giving Brinna some attention. I love these girls!

My friend had to jump in the river three times to help kids who went down without a paddle get over to the side of the river. She wins as best lifeguard!

I’m so glad Kacin has found such good friends.

Kyler’s last jump for the day. 

Too cool. And that’s a wrap on our day at the river.