May 10, 2019

outside in may

We have had such beautiful weather here this month. I keep expecting it to be hot and miserable, but the nights are perfect and even many of our days have been cloudy, windy and cool. So we take advantage of this as much as we can.

And sometimes that means putting on brother’s batting helmet to ride a bike in the afternoon. (Thank you, Layla)

Most mornings Brinns and I go park hopping. I run and walk with her to different parks in the neighborhood. We play for a few minutes and then run to the next one.

Kacin is back to weekly allergy shots. We always choose to sit outside in the courtyard while we wait. It’s a pretty little place. Brinna loves the rocks and Layla loves bringing snacks when she comes.

Kyler came with me this week when the girls in the back seat had music theater class.

The weather was perfect and windy and so we walked the nearby nature preserve. (Though Kyler only lasted 15 minutes with me before he begged to sit at the library to look at his yearbook. I’ll take what I can get.)

I went hiking with a friend one morning.

Layla spends much of her evenings in the backyard looking for bugs. I came across this grave she made. “No stepping on it. Caterpillar dead. From Layla. Please!”

It’s been warm enough to jump into the pool a couple of times, but I’m really just so grateful for every chance we get to still be outside before it becomes unbearable in the summer.