May 11, 2019

Marvel marathon

We were all a little excited for Marvel’s Endgame to come out. About two weeks before it was released Kyler and I decided it would be fun to rewatch all of the previous 21 movies in chronological order before we went to see Endgame. That would be 59 hours of movie watching. Ha!

We made the list of movies (this is it after two weeks of laying on our counter and getting spilt on and ripped) and gathered and borrowed the ones we couldn’t find on amazon prime or Netflix from friends.

Then for two weeks straight we had a Marvel movie on at our house pretty much constantly (when Kyler was home). Let me just tell you that Perry loved this! By the end of two weeks I was over having the tv on and ready to just go watch Endgame already, even though we didn’t quite make it through all of them. We got close but we skipped Guardians and a few others (like Antman and Wasp) that we had seen in the theaters most recently. I was pretty amazed that we watched 15 of them at home.

I’m not sure I’d ever want to do it again, but it was a blast to plow through them one after another. And a good reminder of all the details that led up to Endgame so I’m glad we did it.

The boys had youth conference the weekend the movie came out and Eric was out of town. But the boys and I decided to hit the movie theater Saturday at 10 o’clock at night right after I picked them up from YC. We gathered up some other teenage boys, too, and watched Endgame until 1am. We loved it!