May 22, 2019


Our little Brinna is at the best age.

Her vocabulary is increasing like crazy. She puts two words together consistently. Three words if you count "more ice cream." She loves to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Lullaby." And pretty much every other song we sing with her. She jumps, dances, and runs. And is happiest playing outside.

She notices and then copies everything we do. The best example is from monday night. E was standing up sharing a message during our family home evening. She looked up at her dad and saw him leaning up against the furniture. She walked over and leaned her body against the furniture. Then she looked over at her dad again and at his feet and then crossed her leg just like him. It was adorable! And a good reminder that she is watching us closely, soaking up what we do and say, and following our examples.

We didn't buy any of this stuff, but she kept herself and us entertained at Target.

Brinns loves the teenage boys that hang out at our house. She know Kyler and Kacin's friends by name and makes sure to reach for them and give them hugs and snuggles when she sees them.

Recently she has been into her baby dolls. She holds them and rocks them and feeds them her snacks. It's precious.

We love our Brinny, Brinns, Brinn, Brinna Lou.