May 27, 2019

a driver

He has been counting down the days for pretty much the last two years. This guy has been anxious to get behind the wheel.

Over the last month I gave in to his begging a few times and took him to the church parking lot for some lessons. We’ve been talking a lot about driving rules and safety just about every time we are in the car. 

On Saturday, he was officially 15.5 and could take his learner’s permit test. He told me he had taken a few of the practice tests online over the last few months and he felt confident he was ready to take the test. So he took the test online...and he passed!!! 

We went over some of the answers that he missed, just to make sure he understood. When we were talking about the question that asks how many feet to have your turn signal on, I asked him what the manual had said. His reply: “There’s a manual??”

I assumed when he took those practice tests he had looked at the manual first. He assumed that driving was all common sense. 

I took him down to get his official driver’s learning permit, but I told him he wasn’t allowed behind the wheel until he read the entire manual. Which he did by the next morning.

He’s officially behind the wheel!!