May 31, 2019

Lee Lee’s Market and Pioneer Park

You would think we had walked into a museum the way we were all marveling over everything on display. But no, we were just in Lee Lee’s market. 

We walked aisle by aisle to wonder over all the interesting foods from countries around the world. My kids were especially enthralled by the live seafood and things like goat legs.

We all got super excited when we got to the Brazilian section and found Guarana and farofa! They don’t always have it in stock and it’s the only place we know of here to get it so we stocked up.

Things that make the above picture classic:
-Layla’s backwards shirt (she was cold in the market and put her arms in her shirt which twisted it all around)
-Layla’s attitude at that moment
-Eric’s grin
-Perry’s sensory chew sticking out of his mouth
-our arms loaded with Brazilian essentials
-the fact that we took a picture in a grocery store when most people that were there were just doing their regular grocery shopping and here we were loudly intrigued by everything 

After the market we went to play at the huge playground at pioneer park in Mesa to complete a simple, fun family outing. (Brinna is well take care of on the slides.)

May 29, 2019

slip n slide

Some schools around here had their last day on Friday. To celebrate the close of the school year, two friends organized a big slip n slide at the park. With a fire hose.

I took my three younger ones.

So many kids and so much fun!

 Brinna hung with her crew.

Layla made sure her little sister got in one run down the slip n slide. 

I took this from my friends Instagram—a collection of just some of the amazing women in our community that made it that day. I loved hanging out with everyone, and especially getting to know a few new people from the neighborhood. 

Such a fun way to welcome summer!

May 27, 2019

a driver

He has been counting down the days for pretty much the last two years. This guy has been anxious to get behind the wheel.

Over the last month I gave in to his begging a few times and took him to the church parking lot for some lessons. We’ve been talking a lot about driving rules and safety just about every time we are in the car. 

On Saturday, he was officially 15.5 and could take his learner’s permit test. He told me he had taken a few of the practice tests online over the last few months and he felt confident he was ready to take the test. So he took the test online...and he passed!!! 

We went over some of the answers that he missed, just to make sure he understood. When we were talking about the question that asks how many feet to have your turn signal on, I asked him what the manual had said. His reply: “There’s a manual??”

I assumed when he took those practice tests he had looked at the manual first. He assumed that driving was all common sense. 

I took him down to get his official driver’s learning permit, but I told him he wasn’t allowed behind the wheel until he read the entire manual. Which he did by the next morning.

He’s officially behind the wheel!!

May 22, 2019


Our little Brinna is at the best age.

Her vocabulary is increasing like crazy. She puts two words together consistently. Three words if you count "more ice cream." She loves to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Lullaby." And pretty much every other song we sing with her. She jumps, dances, and runs. And is happiest playing outside.

She notices and then copies everything we do. The best example is from monday night. E was standing up sharing a message during our family home evening. She looked up at her dad and saw him leaning up against the furniture. She walked over and leaned her body against the furniture. Then she looked over at her dad again and at his feet and then crossed her leg just like him. It was adorable! And a good reminder that she is watching us closely, soaking up what we do and say, and following our examples.

We didn't buy any of this stuff, but she kept herself and us entertained at Target.

Brinns loves the teenage boys that hang out at our house. She know Kyler and Kacin's friends by name and makes sure to reach for them and give them hugs and snuggles when she sees them.

Recently she has been into her baby dolls. She holds them and rocks them and feeds them her snacks. It's precious.

We love our Brinny, Brinns, Brinn, Brinna Lou.

May 20, 2019

end of the year performances and sports wrap ups

May always seems to fly by because it is packed with end of the year performances and awards ceremonies and the conclusion of sports for the season. 

Layla had her first grade Bugz Program. She had a speaking part and we were so proud of her for memorizing her part and giving it without hesitation in front of the big crowd.

Brinns was a fan of all the music and a cute little dancer.

Layla also had her music theater performance. They did a Mulan Mashup on the stage. A fun performance!

Kyler received an academic award at the freshman awards night. I’m so proud of him. He has worked so very hard this year in all of his honors classes.

Layla’s tumbling class also had a little performance. But, well, the only pictures I came away with are these two of sweet Brinna. Though a did get a video of some of Layla’s skills.

Perry’s second grade performance was “Around the World” as they shared all of the things they studied about other countries this year. We had to bribe him to wear his costume from Mexico because it was too itchy. But he wore it and sang out great!

Kyler ran the hurdles in track and field this year. It was such a great experience for him and he is excited to be part of the team again next year.

Perry finished up his baseball season. He loves playing on his team. He even tried coach pitch on the last game and hit it once!

I don’t think I ever got a chance to post Kacin’s wrestling pictures. I love watching him wrestle! He is such a strong kid. He came out 5th at the evc championship.

I’m so proud of these active, hard working kids of mine who participated beautifully in so many things this school year.