April 16, 2019

These Days

We just got our 2018 blog books in the mail. That always inspires me to sit down here and catch up a little bit on the ordinary days of life.

Brinna and her bottle...I know we need to transition her off soon, but this baby girl loves her bottles and I love her being our little baby. Though she is looking more and more grown up every day.

When we are in the bathroom getting ready for the day, Brinna often comes to me holding out her hands and says “hand” which is my cue to give her lotion to rub on her sweet little hands.

Perry participated in his first pinewood derby!! He loves being surrounded by all these boys and by some great leaders. (Really, really great leaders!)

We watched my sisters four kids for the weekend. Nine kids is crazy! The only picture we took of the entire weekend was this picture that I found on my phone after Perry was playing with it during church. 

Love this boy! 

Layla played a trick on Perry for April fools day...
She covered his bed in bugs.

The ninth graders had a late start so I got to take these boys to breakfast to partake of the worlds largest pancakes. They each got two of these!

They each barely got through half of a pancake. The leftovers came home in a pizza box.

We were entertained watching those boys stuff themselves with pancakes.

Eric left out of town on the first day of general conference. Let me tell you, that Saturday was a crazy day. So I was grateful for friends who took the boys to priesthood session. 

I personally didn’t get a chance to sit down and listen to very much of conference. Between Perry and Brinna I was up and moving and busy. And then when I finally did sit down to listen to one talk, a picture frame randomly fell off our wall and shattered. It was one of those moments in life...all you can do is shake your head, laugh, and clean up the mess. Needless to say it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I sat down to listen to any of conference. 

Brinn has become a bit mischievous and is testing the boundaries. She knows she’s not supposed to drink the bath water, hence the look right at me to see what I will do and then laugh when she’s told not to. 

Layla and her friends were out serving again. They asked every neighbor in our cul de sac until someone let them walk their dogs.

This quote is a good reminder.

We love meeting up with friends at the park.

I took my three youngest to the park one evening while the older boys were at the movies. Perry was pretty excited when I let him ride shotgun for a short distance. 

Perry wanted to be the photographer while we played at the park. I can’t get enough of his sweet fingers in all of these pictures. And all of the many more that I deleted!