April 3, 2019

the beach

We spent one of our days at Camp Wildwood at the beach in San Diego. We hopped from La Jolla to moonlight beach.

It was pretty spectacular looking out at all the seals and the beautiful beach and water with all these lovely people next to us.

I so wish we had all of the moms from the trip in this picture! But this is 8 out of the 13.

Moonlight beach felt much colder, but that is where we decided to get into the water and play in the waves.

One of my favorite moments of the whole trip was playing in the water with Brinna and Perry and breathing in everything about the ocean. It was good for my soul.

Eric did document the fact that I ran all the way into the freezing cold water much deeper than I usually go.

My dip in the ocean friend! I’m sure glad I had someone to run out there with.

We played in the sand, games on the beach, and the teenagers went and got ice cream. The beach has never been my top place to play, but it has definitely grown on me and I think we all enjoyed the day.