April 18, 2019

stealth mode

“In all of living have much fun and laughter.” —Gordon B. Hinckley

I’m sure he was implying that we should all sneak around at 10:30pm on a school night dressed in black to help our teenagers pull an April fools prank. 

It all started with a couple of boys on April fools day who had a late start at the high school the next day. So they concocted a plan. And pulled me in as driver.

They prepared for the evening while watching high school musical. Which I think just added a certain element to the night.

The plan involved balloons, forks, and these pretty pictures.

They dressed in black and loaded up the back of our car with their supplies.

But, alas, the family that they wanted to pull this prank off on had a dad outside doing yard work at 10pm at night! So we parked in the driveway next door thinking he would go inside any minute. Which he do not. Let me tell you hiding in a car for 20 min with those clever and funny boys got me laughing so hard and I don’t think I stopped for the rest of the night. 

At one point, the boys thought the dad had gone inside and so they got out and peeked around the wall only to see him literally right on the other side of the wall from them. 

Eventually, we drove around to the street behind their house to see if they could sneak in the back way. They could see people awake inside, but determined it was maybe an option. We drove back and forth a few times. For over an hour! Patiently waiting for the dad to go in the house. Because what kind of crazy is that to do yard work so late at night? Well, it didn’t seem like he was going to finish any time soon. So the boys switched up their plans and went to tape all of their pictures up on their back glass door. 

But they were determined to put the rest of the stuff in their front yard. So they went into super stealth mode and climbed over the wall and through a gate and got themselves onto the front porch. They laid this down and snapped a picture of how close they were to the yard working dad. 

They didn’t want to push their luck all at once so they were going to sneak away and then come back. But that’s when they were spotted and chased to the backyard. They jumped the fence and called me to pick them up on the next street over. They told me they’ve never run so hard or scaled the wall that fast. 
We decided it would be best to wait until another night to use the balloons the boys had prepared. 

In total, we spent almost two hours sneaking and spying and laughing. 

The next morning the mom sent me this of their work:

So even though it didn’t go according to plan, going into stealth mode was for sure a fun night.