April 29, 2019

saguaro lake

I was itching to get out and go on an adventure. Thank goodness for beautiful places like this nearby.

And I’m even more grateful for these wonderful ladies who could get away to come with me for the day. They are the best!

After some struggle with tie down straps (we learned we have much to learn about using those things-ha!) we found a way to put three kid kayaks and a floating mat inside a mini van. Then we were off to Saguaro lake. We kayaked over to the rock for jumping. I couldn’t leave without making the jump at least once. So I did. 

Then we spent the rest of our time eating lunch, talking, and swimming in the water.

I love this beautiful world we live in and my heart loved every second of that day to get away and breathe it in with these good friends. (Hopefully I’ll get my family here soon, too.)