April 24, 2019

Perry’s prayer

About an hour after we put Perry to bed he came out of his room. He couldn’t fall sleep. I brought him back to his bed and tucked him in and sat down next to him. I suggested he say a prayer and tell Heavenly Father everything he was thinking about. So he immediately started to pray.

Perry: Dear Heavenly Father, I want pizza. I want yummy cake. And banana pie. I mean banana bread. And more cake. And cheese its. 

Me: Buddy, are you hungry? Is that why you can’t fall asleep?

Perry: Uh huh. 

So we brought him a second plate of dinner and his prayers were answered and he fell right to sleep.

(above picture from last week’s pack meeting. He got his first set of awards, participated in a skit, and loved every minute of being with those boys)