April 5, 2019

Knott’s Berry Farm

Look at these cute kiddos ready for our day at Knott’s Berry Farm.

I hadn’t been to Knott’s Berry Farm since I was a teenager. And so much has changed since then! So in some ways it was nostalgic to be back and in some ways it was all interesting and new.

Our first ride of the day was Ghostrider. 

But before you look at the pictures, let me preface it by telling you the goal of the entire day was to take some really good funny-faced pictures. Totally. And if it wasn’t our conscious goal, it was definitely our sub conscious goal. And if it wasn’t that either we made it our goal once Kyler and I looked back at all of the pictures taken throughout the day. And laughed at some pretty good faces captured on the phone and in the ride cameras.

I was making a heart. Which is the teenagers symbol from the trip..

I’m pretty sure that was an accidental linking of the arms! Haha.

Then we got into the upside down rides. Some of the teens backed out, but these three ride every crazy ride they could.

Some more good faces...

The most uncomfortable place to take nap. We were not prepared with a stroller for this day. Which is what happens when you make plans last minute. But it was all fine. Thankfully she did transfer into my arms.

So much fun with these kids on the swinging boat!

The goofy face thing really was Kyler’s goal.

My first upside down rollercoaster as a little girl was Montezuma’s revenge. How pretty amazing is this—it became Layla’s first upside down rollercoaster, too! And she loved it.

She loved it so much that she begged to do one of the scariest upside down roller coasters there. Unfortunately, no pictures, but let it suffice that she didn’t love the second one as much.

The swing again!

One of my favorite rides was this drop. 

I love all these people and I’m so glad we were able to spend the day at knotts! 

Highlights from the day:
-riding hang time with Perry (even though there were great big crocodile tears afterwards)
-riding hang time with Layla, I’m proud of her even though it scared her
-riding supreme scream twice: during the day and at night. Such beautiful views!! My favorite.
-Brinna telling me “all done” during the mine ride when it got dark
-Perry wanting to ride the log ride again and again
-Layla’s first upside down coaster
-riding the boat swing with some of the kids (twice!) and getting the best video of their faces and laughs and screams
-the teenagers having fun on their own for most of the day
-by his choice, E didn’t ride most of the rides (which probably isn’t a highlight, but a fact of the day). But I had fun on every ride and could’ve kept going.
-the longest wait of the day was the kid’s ferris wheel
-Kyler and Kacin loved knotts and would definitely love to come back. Thrill rides are their thing. 
-the creation of the “collective family” handshake and symbol