May 7, 2019

He went Hulk on me

I want to be careful here because Perry is an amazing, sweet, incredibly special kid and I want to make sure he knows that always. But I also want to be real and stuff like this happens every single day and requires a lot of energy, time, flexibility, dividing and conquering, and planning on our family’s part. The triggers aren’t always the same and are probably a combination of a lot of different things so life is unpredictable. Eric has been traveling a lot lately and that feels like it throws things off a bit. So Perry’s daily tantrums are a bit bigger than normal and result in me removing him to his room. At this point, the only things he has in his room are a bed, blankets, pillow, and some clothes.

I find it quite comparable to Hulk when he loses it. While his self control is developing and the tantrums aren’t as long as they used to be, when he loses it there is no reasoning with him and everything in his path is at risk. Including his shirts. Which we go through like disposable goods. 

And then just as quickly as he appeared, the Hulk leaves and Perry is the sweetest little boy ever. He gives me the best cuddles and talks about movies and friends at school. He loves to play Uno and go swimming. He has the cutest vocabulary and surprises us with new words all the time. He is happy and gentle with his baby sister.