April 4, 2019

goodbye wildwood, old town San Diego, and the vacation goes on

The missionaries that run the wildwood campground there were just so sweet. Brinna had a thing for sister Kuske’s cane and took it any chance she got. 

We said goodbye to camp wildwood on Saturday morning after cleaning up our cabins and the lodge. But the vacation wasn’t over yet...the kids didn’t really know our next big plan until we revealed it Saturday night. Until then, we kept our answers vague and went in to Old Town San Diego.

We visited the Mormon Battalion Center.

E found a way to contain the little one for a while. (Though she wasn’t the one I wanted to contain that day...let me just tell you that lack of sleep for three nights straight had done a number on one of our other precious children....)

I’m so glad these four boys are such great friends.

We got a ice cream at cold stone and then spent just a few minutes walking through the old town shops.

Refusing to open her eyes. But let it be clear that, despite the mood she was in, she adores Kate the most.

It was Friday night around midnight when we made our plans and lucked out and found an Airbnb that fit both of our families perfectly. It was a house with two sets of three layer bunk beds so we were able to put all 6 boys in one room. That was a nice arrangement. 

We all sat around after dinner and told the kids that we were “Knott’s Berry” tired over and over again until it registered that we would be going to Knotts Berry Farm the next day!!

And then it was officially time for bed.