April 26, 2019


Easter weekend began with an egg hunt at the park with cousins.

Brinnie quickly learned that candy was inside those eggs.

We had some fun with confetti eggs, too.

And these girlies did some crafts.

That afternoon we dyed our Easter eggs. 

Perry went to town on those eggs and would’ve dyed every single one himself if we didn’t guard, protect, and fight him for the ones we did for the other kids to use.

B wasn’t sure about this activity in which she couldn’t climb on the table.

E calmed her down with a magic trick. He put the egg down her shirt and then would sneak it into his hand when it fell out and then pretend to pull it from her ear. She wanted him to do it again and again.

Sunday morning we stopped at the top of the stairs and watched an Easter video before heading down to look at the Easter baskets.

Then we went outside for a quick egg hunt before church.

I’m kind of regretting that I didn’t brush her hair before we went outside. Wild and free, I guess. Or just a ragamuffin.

This was on purpose. A fun game for any almost two year old.

She cleaned up nicely for church.

We had the missionaries over for dinner and we were grateful they shared with us their stories of how they developed their testimonies. And then it was time for everyone’s favorite Easter tradition—the egg smash.

We went to the park across the street to toss and smash those eggs to bits.

Happy Easter!