March 12, 2019

these days

We are thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather here in arizona this month. Brinna and I had a morning at the zoo with a couple of friends.

She would not go near any statue. She clung to my leg and screamed when I tried to coax her to sit with her friends and the orangutan statue for a picture.

She wasn't sure about the goats either...

But she warmed up.

No goats were actually impaled or sacrificed like it appears here.

But their ears were pulled a few times.

Perry had a second grade performance at his school as a culmination of their Around the World study. Perry was super engaged and focused and sang the right words during most of the songs. I was impressed with how far he has come in a few short years. He makes me so proud!

Many of our evenings are spent at the park across the street. Layla decided we needed to try out some sledding down the grass hill. I don't think it went quite as well as she envisioned, but B loved the rides.

Brinnie is still a big fan of going outside to "bounce". There's usually a lot of laughter and throwing herself down and rolling around. She loves the trampoline.

These two have a special friendship. We love that she comes with her mom a couple of days each week. They are the biggest blessing to us right now.

We went got some puppy snuggles in one evening. Our friends have 22 puppies and Layla was in heaven and is thoroughly convinced we need one.

Brinnie gave lots of hugs and kisses to the puppies, too. And then she tried to step on them

Last month, Kyler and Kacin got to attend a special meeting in Glendale. Our dear prophet, President Russell M Nelson held a special meeting. E and I were so sad we couldn't go with the boys that day because we had to leave for CA, but we were so grateful the boys got to attend with some wonderful friends.

From a night at a RS activity..

A few of Layla’s recent creations. Kapla blocks continue to be our favorite!