March 25, 2019

from the weekend

My hurt back and the development of Shingles (which apparently is quite common after chemo and radiation) kept us close to the house all weekend. But even our low key weekends seem pretty full sometimes.

This little love! She insisted to put these on when she found them outside.

Perry had opening day for Little League. Eric took him while I stayed home with the other kids. It’s hard to see him in this picture, but there he is parading our with his team and his amazing coach. He loves playing baseball on the Challenger team!

I forced Kacin to buy shoes on Saturday. His tennis shoes had a big hole in them. Since he pays for all of his clothes now, he told me he was making them last as long as possible. And that some kids around the world don’t even have shoes so a hole in his was no big deal. I let that argument hold until Saturday until I dragged him to the shoe store. He found a pair on sale and we had a coupon on top of that. He is much more careful about what he buys now that it is all coming from his own hard earned money. I think that’s because he knows he’d rather spend his money on his frequent walks to Taco Bell and Dairy Queen with his friends. Haha.

Since our spring break trip, Kyler has been keeping “collective family” alive. Collective family refers to a mashup of a group of friends who we hung with all week. And apparently I get to be the official “collective mom” to the group. At first I was flattered and thought it was because I was the coolest and their favorite. And then Kyler told me the truth. They decided on the collective mom and the collective dad based on which parents got after them the most. Oh well, what can you do? Somebody’s got to do it.

So the reference to CF and collective family and collective parents here is all in reference to this running joke since the trip. But since I wasn’t feeling well and I had another doctors appointment on Friday and then Saturday night I was asked to speak a little bit in RS, Kyler creatively surprised us with this hunt. E and I had gone on a walk and came home to this note on our bedroom door.

We followed all the clues and found the key to our room.

There was this obstacle course. (Which in reality was not much different than how our house looks on a daily basis, ha!)

I loved the note spelled out on the floor!

And then, be still my heart! The sweetest note of encouragement because he knew I was having a rough day. I love this boy so much. I love surprises like this. But I mostly love knowing that he is there for me. I am so lucky with him as my oldest. 

On Sunday afternoon, during our family calendar, we were discussing ministering. It was mostly with the older boys since they have specific families that they are assigned to. Layla wanted to know her part in ministering and was pretty insistent that she go to help someone clean their house. So she invited a friend along and we went to both of her activity day leaders homes. These leaders were so sweet to let the girls come in and give them a simple task to do (unpacking books onto a bookshelf and dusting). Layla and her friend were thrilled with their ministering!

Now the weekend is at its end and we are enjoying one more day of spring break before school starts again tomorrow.