March 7, 2019

another cancer update (a happier one)

It took me a good week to process all of my feelings and emotions after I wrote my last cancer update. However, I am happy to say that today I am in a much better mental space about everything. Cancer has sent me on a rollercoaster of ups and downs that I'm not quite off yet, but today I am enjoying the ride.

To report: My eyelashes are back! My eyebrows are pretty much back to how they were before. And my hair is making some progress. I actually had to go get my hair trimmed up because the bottom was getting much, much longer than the top. The top of my head is taking its sweet time to regrow. So I had to get rid of that mullet.

I don't put anything on my head when I go to church and I have gone a few other places without a hat. But, generally, because it is still chilly enough to, I wear a beanie most days. I am trying to pretend to be brave and comfortable with my new look, but I have never been a fan of short hair so it is a big adjustment.

My last lab work showed my WBC rising back up so that is a good sign. That helped me feel better for sure.

I went in to my oncologist's office for a "chemo teach" to hear about the two new drugs they want to put me on--Zoladex and Anastrozole. I am hesitant about these new drugs, but of course I want to give myself the best chances possible, and then pray the good outweighs the bad, so I decided to give the drugs a try. My anxiety was through the roof that day, but I was glad these two came with me for my first injection.

Look at that needle. Yikes! It didn't feel very good. But I dramatically laid down and covered my eyes and let them do it. Done until next month.

My side effects have been minimal so far and so I will start my daily pill tomorrow and see how I do on that.

This week I realized that I could lay on my stomach again. It has been nine months since my surgery and hence since I have been able to do that. That was glorious! And I can exercise now without much discomfort, too. And with my port out I can wear a seat belt again without pain (or using a clip or holding the seatbelt out so it didn’t rub my port).

This is one of my favorite quotes lately and I loved getting it in my inbox from my daily quotes from Gretchen Rubin.