March 8, 2019

2019 family theme: Say Cheese!

Last year I know we were so inspired when we chose the family theme to "seek the good." Cancer brought me down low and it was the best reminder to remember that there is always good. Sometimes we have to search a little bit to find it, but it is there. God is in the details. and God is good. I hope our children will always remember our 2018 theme and seek the good throughout their lives. What we seek for, we will find.

For 2019, we had a theme in mind and we almost settled on it, but then I thought back to 2018 and its craziness (yes there was good, but there was also stress!) and I knew we needed something a little bit more lighthearted than what we originally thought of. After prayer, discussion, and thought we concluded that our 2019 family theme should be......

Say Cheese!

"In all of living have much fun and laughter. 
Life is to be enjoyed not just endured." 
-Gordon B. Hinkley 

This year is about having some fun!! It's about adventures and laughter and enjoyment. It is about taking hard, difficult situations and using humor to find happiness. It's about changing our attitudes and perspectives to find joy and pleasure and wonder in life. It's about smiling when we don't feel like it. It's about laughing at ourselves and our mistakes. It is taking each day and cherishing the gift that it is. It is letting loose and relaxing and enjoying our days and our moments. It is being corny and silly and goofy.

We made it a family rule that whenever anyone says "say cheese" everyone has to put a big ol' smile on their face. We want to smile more!

Say Cheese!

We set some fun goals this year. Well, I set some goals and then I decided that some of them will be family goals. ha! But they are good things like playing all of the games in our closet, eating more fruits and veggies, inviting lots of families over for sunday dinner, and going on an adventure once a month (though adventures won't always be everyone in the family each month). So far we have played a few games, successfully incorporated a few more fruits and veggies than we normally do (still working on increasing this one), had 5 families over for dinner, and have been on an adventure every month (universal studios with the older boys, legoland with the littles, and a family adventure scheduled this month--adventures make life fun.) Go us!

We also set some simple individual goals.
Kyler: learn to drum 3 songs
Kacin: learn 6 new magic tricks
Perry: learn to read
Layla: read Book of Mormon before baptism, learn to sing all the words to a song
Brinna: keep us smiling as she learns to talk
Mom: read 52 books
Eric: the year of the Eric!

Eric made a whole bunch of specific goals and a plan and I'm so proud of him for doing so. We are calling this the year of the Eric! While I won't share all of his goals and resolutions, I will share these two. He is studying from a paper copy of his scriptures each day and attending the temple each week. He is 100% on these two goals so far and I'm happy for him.

I am so excited about my goal to read more. 52 books! For many years, I averaged reading about 12 books a year. I love reading, but so many other things have gotten in my way. Last year, I stretched myself and read 24 books. Once I met that goal I knew I wanted to stretch myself again. So I decided this year I will read a book each week. I am having so much fun with this goal this year and I am well on my way. 

Looking forward to many smiles, much laughter, grand adventures, and a whole lot of fun in 2019!!!