February 7, 2019

think lovely wonderful thoughts

"You just think lovely wonderful thoughts,' Peter explained, 'and they lift you up in the air."
--from Peter Pan

Layla has had a hard time falling asleep lately. And when she gets to sleep she often wakes up from bad dreams. So we are now in the habit of reminding her to think of two happy thoughts and to have them ready to focus on when she needs them. Most nights, this does the trick. (and the nights it doesn’t, she begs to sleep in the same room as her older brothers and that always does the trick)

Her happy thoughts shift night to night. But usually they are wonderful things like our upcoming trip to Legoland and her baby sister Brinna.

(I just finished reading the book, Peter Pan. It is such a delightful classic, with a layered meaning that I never understood until I read the book as an adult. I highly recommend it if you've never read it.)