February 16, 2019

the reign of queen Brinna

It is one of Layla’s favorite games to play “queen Brinna.” I don’t think Brinnie minds it much though. Layla got her all situated on her “throne” and sat at her feet working as her servant. In fact, I don’t mind this game either.

Brinna is a very good queen. She is loving and fair and even works alongside her faithful subjects at times. However, she does demand perfection. She notices every “mess” and announces it to the people. Usually the mess is water from her own cup, but that is beside the point. She works hard to keep her kingdom clean. If I hadn’t swept those crumbs below the stool after taking the picture, I’m sure she would’ve taken care of them by eating every one. She is a very selfless queen like that who does whatever it takes to help her kingdom.

Hurrah for Queen Brinna!