February 15, 2019

happy Valentine’s Day

I tell myself that the days I don’t have very many pictures are the ones that I was the most present in. And not that I just plain old forgot to take any pictures.

Valentine’s Day has always been my all time favorite holiday. We had a lot going on the days leading up to it  so I don’t feel like I was very prepared for the day, but in the end we had a fun celebration as a family and it all worked out.

Layla was SO into making valentines this year. Oh man, I wish I had a picture of the ones she made for her class. She made individual cards and wrote inside each one for her classmates. She attached a heart shaped clip to the front and put a sucker on. She worked happily and hard on them. She is so very creative! (All I did was take her to buy the candy). Then on Wednesday she realized that she didn’t have valentines for everyone on her bus yet. So she got right to work making cards for everyone on the bus. 

Then she decided to make one huge valentine for everyone in her class. “I love you guys. You’re so nice.” etc. Be still my heart! 

Perry was supposed to write his own name on all his valentines. After he did three, I walked out of the room. A few minutes later, his name had been written out on all 25 stickers. Somehow he convinced Layla to do it all for him. Sneaky (smart) little guy. 

They were both pretty excited to come home with all their Valentine's loot.

Brinna had hearts on her socks and hearts on her shirt. Unfortunately, I only got a picture of this love bug eating her heart shaped sandwich.

Kyler knows my love for this holiday and sacrificed his time (he has a lot going on these days) to make sure he made a card for me and everyone else in the family. He wrote me the sweetest note. I sure love him.

Our days plans were canceled because of the weather—Brinna was feeling under the weather and the rain canceled soccer practice. That ended up being such a blessing for me to stay home and clean the house and prepare Valentines cards and a simple special valentines dinner which we actually got to enjoy as a family because we didn’t have to rush off to practice. We ended the night with a dance party with the three littles while the older boys worked on homework.

I love this family of mine. Happy Valentine’s Day!