January 31, 2019

on Wednesday

Arizona weather has been absolutely perfect this month. A huge part of the country is experiencing a freeze wave right now which makes me especially glad that we live in Arizona. We are walking and bike riding and playing at the park and enjoying every minute of it.

Each week I drop Layla off at her music theater class and then Brinnie and I go to the Riparian Preserve. We see ducks, rabbits, birds, and people walking their dogs. Basically Brinnie is in heaven. I walk the trails with B in the stroller for almost an hour. I need nature. So this is a retreat I look forward to each week (until Arizona gets too hot...which soon enough it will).

We had the most breathtaking sunset last night. I was driving to pick Kacin up from wrestling practice and it was just gorgeous. Pictures can never do a sunset any justice though. But I tried. Especially when it was reflecting off of this water.

A quote that resonates with me: "Liberty is the daughter of authority properly understood. For to be free is not to do what one pleases; it is to be the master of oneself, it is to know how to act within reason and to do one's duty." -Emily Durkheim (Education and Sociology)