January 22, 2019

noon year's eve and new year's eve

We decided to go to the zoo on New Year's Eve. It was so crowded when we got there. We expected that. But we soon discovered that there was a reason for the crowds--a big event in celebration of New Year's: Noon Year's Eve. That was a fun surprise. There was snow and a DJ playing music and apple cider and this walrus to meet.

Our kids played in the snow for a few minutes. 

Perry was too cold to leave his chair, but he was happy to watch and listen to the music. Besides, Layla hooked him up with a sticker she got from a booth.

Was this Brinnie's first time touching that cold, white stuff? Most likely, yes!

We spent a couple of hours walking through the zoo. The last animal of the day was Brinnie's favorite. At least, the cow has the animal sound that she makes the most--moo!

We left the zoo 5 min before the countdown at noon with the ball drop. We all agreed it was ok for us to miss it. Especially since we weren't even expecting to see it when we went that day.

I don't have any pictures from our actual New Year's Eve celebration. Eric and I went to an early dinner with a few friends. Layla and Perry had a rough time while we were gone which ultimately meant an early bedtime and no New Year's countdown for them. Kyler and Kacin went to the stake New Year's dance (Kacin's first dance!). Then I helped at a party and breakfast for all of the youth in our ward (the boys came after the dance).

Happy New Year's!