January 21, 2019

happy birthday to you two

All Kacin wanted to do for his birthday was go quading. (really, that is all he ever wants to do, but we can usually only make it happen on his birthday..) So we borrowed the Schlink’s two ATVs and headed out to the desert.

It was a little chilly for these Arizona kids. But it was such a beautiful day in the desert!

Brinnie got her first ride.

Kacin invited a few friends.

Brinnie spent most of her time playing happily on the trailer.

Layla was so excited to try driving, but Perry was content riding along in the back with whoever would take him.

We brought food from in-n-out back with us to the house and then sang happy birthday to our 14 year old!!

Kacin is a pretty spectacular 14 year old. He is tough, kind, smart, clever, hard working, an amazing big brother, sweet, energetic, athletic, and full of life.

He also spent part of his birthday at radiation with me. Now that is a good kid. These three got a tour of the radiation room and saw what I do every day (it meant the world to me to have them there!).

Kacin is quite loved in our family!

Two days after Kacin's birthday is Eric's birthday. It worked out this year that a sweet friend watched all of the kids for us so we could sneak away for 24 hours. We were so grateful for the getaway! We spent the morning on the atv's in the desert. We spent the rest of the day eating brazilian food, shopping, going out with friends to dinner and games.

It was so refreshing to spend a couple of hours in the beautiful desert. Mud, sun, cacti, and mountains--Yes, please!

Happy birthday to Kacin and Eric!