January 18, 2019

Christmas 2018

I’m finally sitting down to quickly document Christmas 2018.

Our Christmas was pretty simple this year. Maybe a little disappointing for some in our family. But I don’t feel bad at all because even simple is pretty wonderful. Our kids have a good life. They have more than what they need. We have had plenty of Christmas’s in the past with big fun surprises. This just wasn’t one of them. 

But I do think we got to focus on what is most important—family and relationships and our Savior. And that made it wonderful.

Our plans had to change a few times throughout the week because of sickness in our extended family and at home. So on Christmas Eve what ended up happening was that two of my sisters came over to eat, play, and exchange gifts.

Santa came and we had a nice Christmas morning exchanging gifts. 

We always stop at the stairs and watch a short video about our Savior before heading down to see what Santa brought. 

Brinna was pleased with her gift from Santa.

Eric looks pleased with his Christmas gift, too. :)

Magic tricks, mermaid tails, and karaoke..

This kiddo was so excited about the Incredibles video game he asked for.

Perry was so excited to give Brinnie this Santa stuffy he picked out for her.

Brinnie figured out present opening pretty quick.

We met with a couple of families to play kickball Christmas afternoon.

A few days later we got together with the Allred side.

And a few days after that we gathered with my parents and sister for more presents and for the annual Untalent show. Kacin did magic tricks, Perry sang the Rescue Bots song, Brinna did baby tricks, Layla sang “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”, and Kyler did tricks with his butterfly knife.