December 31, 2019

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all!
The 24 hours of this Christmas were the most peaceful, magical family hours that we have had in years. It was a combination of the fact that Perry is getting older and just had a spectacular day behavior wise and, even though we say it’s not about the presents, some good balanced gifts can actually go a long way in sparking some joy, fun, and good memories. And that’s what this was. 

We came home on Christmas Eve and once everyone got ready for bed, we snuggled up on the couch by the Christmas tree and read Christmas books together. 

My mom gave me some new party lights for Christmas and so we set them to red and green and danced around the living room! 

We set out milk and cookies for Santa.

And left our stockings ready. hmm...

I’m not ever comfortable posting pictures of the Christmas gifts, but it has been helpful to have this record in our blog books. So. Last year our Christmas was pretty simple. I tried hard, but I was still so sick from cancer treatments and I felt like it never really came together. Though there is nothing wrong with a simple Christmas! I think it can be so good. This year, especially since our family theme has been to “Say Cheese” and we have focused on having fun, silliness, and joy in life, we decided to go with some bigger fun gifts and make everyone’s Christmas magical (well as magical as we get around here). So Santa left out our gifts for us to find Christmas morning.

A nugget for Layla, a baby doll and car seat for Brinna, and an echo dot for everyone.

Cash for Kyler and Kacin, a float mat for everyone

Kid kayaks and a paddle board for us, and Lego sets for Perry

Kyler, Kacin, and Layla came flying in to our room Christmas morning and jumped on our bed to wake us up. (The rule was not until 7am). We slowly got ourselves out of bed and then woke Brinna up. As tradition, we sat at the top of the stairs and watched a Christmas video while Eric went down to turn the lights on the Christmas tree.

A Christmas miracle happened when Perry woke up before we went downstairs. We usually just let him wake up on his own and meet us downstairs, and that's usually much later than everyone else. So it was a terrific surprise to have him ready to go when we were. We were so happy to be all together to see what Santa brought.

Happy smiles over the gifts!

Perry’s love language is definitely gifts. He never forgets the gift or the person who gives it. His connection and joy is real and lasting. 

Brinna loves her new baby doll toys. This gift has been getting a lot of use this week. Definitely a winner.

Brinna was also really into the candy canes she found in her stocking. And then that she found in everyone else’s stockings. Sure, she tried to share with her baby.

But I’m certain she ate at least 4 candy canes that morning.

Layla is in a transition phase of belief—she has become a magic maker and understands how Santa works. Yet, she still happily embraces all of the magic of Santa (talking about him, asking questions about him, leaving cookies for him, etc.). She was thrilled with everything she received that morning.

Most of the kids received a movie in their stocking. Perry got Hotel Transylvania 3. But as soon as he saw it, he ran over to me with it and while shoving it in my hands he told me, "I do NOT want this in my stocking." haha! What was Santa thinking?? I love that boy and his honesty.

Layla was pleased with her Trolls movie.

“Mom, come sit.” Just enjoying Layla’s nugget.

After our big breakfast, we took our time to exchange gifts with each other. We started with a family gift.

A pogo stick for us to enjoy now (and they love it) and POGO passes for us to use this year.

Then Brinna got the gift opening going with a gift from Kacin.

Christmas hugs are everything.

Perry was really excited about getting some new lego sets this year. We have banned legos the last few years because we have so many. But they are an amazing activity for him so we were back on board this year. Well, the next present Perry opened after opening this lego set from an uncle was Brinna's gift. I know he picked it because it was rectangular and when he shook it it made a nice shaking noise, just like legos. He predicted what the present might be before he started opening, however he was slightly disappointed when it turned out to be a box of sugar cereal. haha (Brinna gave everyone a different box of sugar cereal, stuff we never buy around here--cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, etc.)

This was a joke. I think. That brought a lot of laughter. And apparently when he wears them it brings a lot of wins, too.

Someone knows me so well. Another shirt to add to my collection! I got a lot of thoughtful gifts from my kids this year.

The wireless earbuds that were even better than the airpods they wanted--because they were cheaper.

More gift giving love!

After all the presents were opened and everyone was relaxing and enjoying their new gifts, I walked in the room to see sweet Brinna caring for her brother Perry. He has had a runny nose so when she noticed it dripping she did what she sees Eric and I do--she went and got him tissues and wiped it for him. She did it again and again. So precious to see her caring for the brother that she loves so much.

We set out food--crackers, cheese, meat, veggies, fruit, multiple dips--to eat for our lunch and dinner for the rest of the day while we played games with each other and with the aunts who came over.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, it was a perfectly peaceful christmas day. A day to relax and play and enjoy each other's company. I'm so grateful that the peace lasted all day long.
Merry christmas!