December 19, 2018

these days

Perry said the article of faith of the month during primary one Sunday. I helped him recite it and then he held the picture while the children sang it. My heart is so full every time I see him up there participating like that.

A sweet sister moment at night before bed. 

Layla took this picture to remember her play doh creation.

E and I got to spend some time walking with our Brinna in between my dr appointments one afternoon. She can walk across the room by herself now, she just doesn’t usually choose to do so.

We celebrated my niece’s first birthday. Her photo shoot and smash cake looked very similar to B’s. I made her cake and brought the same decorations we used for Brinna.

Around and around on the spinning chair!

Kyler lost a fingernail (thankfully not a finger!) doing yard work with the electric trimmers one Saturday morning.

Breakfast time! She loves feeding herself whenever she can.

One morning I had some time with just Perry. He was in such a good mood and was talking and talking to me about all sorts of things. He played with our nativity sets (I was holding my breath the whole time trying not to worry that any of the glass pieces would break as he moved them around. And reminding myself that this special moment talking with Perry was worth it even if there was a glass causality from it. But miraculously there wasn’t!). He matched up all the Mary pieces. And then then the wise men. And the “Jesus fathers”. etc. And then arranged them all back. I love moments like this with him and I will take them whenever I get them. 

After he discovered how to use that small vacuum up there in that picture, Brinna woke up. He happily followed me to get her and played with her for a long time in her crib. She would jump and then he would jump and she would laugh her head off.

Brinna still loves books! And now when she finishes one she closes the book and says “Amen!”

We went to a Christmas party and Eric had to do Hawaiian charades to win a prize for us. 

We got our first and only orange off of our fruit trees!

There was a party in the halls at the end of sacrament meeting last Sunday. I love these cute kids!

In other church news, I received a new calling as a primary teacher. I’m excited to be working with the four year olds again.

Our friends are moving soon (we are so sad about that). So Perry wanted to have his friend Owen over before he left. They were so cute playing baseball together.

I finally ordered our 2017 blog books! These blog books I make for each year are absolutely the most favorite books around here. I just use blog2print (and wait for a discount code). It is the easiest way I have found to turn this blog into books for our family. I need easy! And the print quality has improved so much this year (it wasn’t awful before, but it’s just better now).